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independence & socialization

Designed for the active senior, we provide a secure, private environment where

are both key to our residents' quality of life.

"I don't know what you wouldn't like about it. This place is wonderful. We have such wonderful employees here. They go out of their way to make it nice. It's like a big family. We get together and play cards. I still drive. I have my car. I'm pretty independent."

"Great neighbors, great food, and a staff that really cares about my well-being... what more could I ask for?"

"There's storage that comes with it. That's a nice feature. I'm glad for the guest room. I've used it a number of times. And, I enjoy the number of people here. It's smaller than where I used to live and I like that."



Jordan Crawford, Crest Ridge Estates Coordinator

Jordan Crawford is an experienced coordinator with Crest Ridge Estates. He takes pride in guiding individuals and their families through the process of finding the best housing option for their needs and budget when they’re looking towards the next step. His goals with each potential resident include taking the time to know and understand the person and their immediate families, while also paying attention to their background, caring and to meeting their emotional needs, and wishes. In addition to his primary job functions, Jordan has been recognized by his current residents for his extraordinary commitment in helping in the decision making process, in a refined and professional way to see if the independent living option is a perfect fit for them.

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